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Our Approach

At Kameny Design, our brand is our client’s brand. We eat, drink, and
breathe your brand essence to create designs and messaging uniquely
ownable to your brand.

Kameny Design is a design studio that believes compelling design
comes from a thorough understanding of a clients’ brand — how to
communicate its essence, and connect it to its audiences. We work
from a palette of creativity, strong strategic thinking, and enthusiasm
so that your brand results are memorable and engaging.

The studio’s work encompasses areas such as logotype development
and business systems, sustainability and corporate social responsibility
reports, advertising/marketing communications materials, interactive
media and environmental signage, but, at the end of the day, what we
do is find the right design solution in response to a client’s need.

The studio is lean and efficient, drawing on a trusted network of
award-winning, world-class associates including designers, writers,
web and production professionals. And because of our studio structure,
we can deliver highly-focused, individualized attention.

Over recent years, our clients have included start-ups like New York
Water Taxi and the Hudson River Park, as well as KKR (Kohlberg
Kravis and Roberts) for the BrightLeaf Group, the Colin Powell School
for Civic and Global Leadership at City College/CUNY, the 9/11 Memorial
Museum, New York Restoration Project, JASA, Circle Line Downtown,
Palisade Jewelers, and JoMart Chocolates.

So, if you’re looking for a studio whose brand will become your brand
— hello and welcome.


Who we are

Leslie Kameny > Founder > Designer > CCO

As Principal of Kameny Design, I get to express my passion for design and
its broad effects on consumers and clients alike. My work spans from the
highly technical to green or sustainable ventures. My experience as Principal
of Kameny Design and as a senior creative in other agencies has
resulted in an ability to organize and manage large, complex projects
as well as work fluidly with creative teams to inspire award-winning results.

Prior to opening the design studio in 2002, I worked as a Senior Vice
President/Group Creative Director at MRGL (McCaffery Ratner Gottlieb Lane)
and before that as Executive Vice President/Creative Director at Venet Advertising.
Previous account work includes Olympus America, IBM, The Italian Trade
Commission, Tetra (Pfizer), NYS Dept. of Agriculture & Markets, and WQXR
— creating work for a full spectrum of marketing applications.



Brand Strategy
Logo Design and Development
Creative Naming

Creative Tools
Corporate Sustainability Reports
Trade and Consumer Advertising
Environmental Graphics

Website Design and Content
Web Advertising